Using the Measurement Tool

Using the Measurement Tool


Using the measurement tool allows you to accurately measure the distance in between two points on your map or a drawn-out area.

Please Note: Measurements are temporary and are deleted as soon as you close the measurement tool. To store information, use a Map Layer (recommended) or the Annotate tool


  1. Click 'Tools' in the toolbar, located above the map window. 
  2. Select 'Measure' from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select either Length or Area at the top of the measurement panel.
  4. Draw out your measurement on the map using a series of single clicks.
    1. To complete an area, click the first point you drew
    2. To complete a line, double click where you want it to end
  5. The distance or area of your route should appear in the left window.


You can change the units for your measurements using the drop-down box.


The Measure tool will automatically calculate the totals, whether length or area, in a section in the left-hand panel. Click the copy icon to copy the total number to your computer clipboard.

Measurement Options

Each measurement has a drop-down menu with additional options. You can:
  1. Copy to Clipboard. This copies the individual length or area number to your computer clipboard.
  2. Save to Annotations. This copies your measurement into your Annotation scratchpad, essentially saving it for future use.
  3. Remove Measurement. This deletes the individual measurement and removes it from the total.

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