Using the Map Mask

Using the Map Mask



The 'Map Mask' feature fades the map outside of your jurisdiction. This gives your area increased focus and makes it clearer which is your 'patch'.

There are four mask styles:

  • Off. There's no masking of the map.

  • Light Transparent Mask. The map outside your area is faded with a white mask.

  • Dark Transparent Mask. The map outside your area is faded with a dark mask.

  • White Mask. The map outside your area is completely hidden.


This tool is available for XMAP and Parish Online customers where there's a defined jurisdiction such as a Local Council boundary that your organisation represents.

Using the Tool

For UK Local Government this tool will be enabled by default. If no mask is visible when you log in it means we haven't got an area set for your account. Just get in touch and we'll help get it set up.

Toggle the Mask on and off

To toggle the mask, click the toggle in the footer. If it's green then the mask is on, if it's grey then the mask is off.

Change the Mask style

To switch between different mask styles, click the 'contrast' icon to the right of the mask toggle.

Useful Info

  • The Mask is not currently compatible with the Public Map
  • The Mask can be used in the Print tool (there's a tick box option to use it)
  • The Mask does not currently store your preference for mask style.
  • If you're part of a neighbourhood plan group then the tool will default to just one parish area. Please get in touch with us as we have to make those modifications manually.

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