Using the Bookmarks tool

Using the Bookmarks tool


This tool allows you to save the location of your map view and the layers you have switched on. You can then recall this bookmark and it'll take you back to that location and switch on the layers it saved.
This is great if you find yourself constantly switching on the same layers and moving to a specific map location all the time.
You can save as many bookmarks as you like.

Saving a Bookmark

  1. Navigate to the part of the map you'd like to save
  2. Switch on the layers you want to save
  3. Go to VIEW then BOOKMARKS to open to tool
  4. Type in a name for your bookmark
Your new bookmark will now appear in the list.
HINT: There is also a Save Bookmark option when you right-click the map

Recalling a Bookmark

  1. Go to VIEW then BOOKMARKS
  2. Click the desired bookmark from the list
HINT: You can also select a bookmark by right-clicking on the map and going into the Bookmark submenu

Deleting a Bookmark

  1. Go to VIEW then BOOKMARKS
  2. Click the red bin icon to the right of the bookmark you want to delete.

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