Finding the UPRN of an address

Finding the UPRN of an address


UPRN stands for Unique Property Reference Number. It's a unique code assigned to every addressable property in Great Britain.

It's commonly used to identify properties without having to list the whole address.

UPRNs are used by Local Authorities for things like matching properties to Council Tax records, and various other back-office systems.

If you quote a UPRN to a Local Authority, they will know what it means (well they should anyway!).

Please note: UPRNs are part of OS AddressBase and is licenced under the PSGA, so any data used still carries the licence terms of the PSGA

Find a UPRN

To find a UPRN of an address:

From the map

  1. Switch on the AddressBase Points layer to display the map of points sitting over every addressable property. (this may be in a slightly different position in the list to the screenshot below)
  2. Click on the map over one of the points.
  3. View the UPRN in the left-hand panel

  1. Click within the search box in the top right and select "Advanced Search" (make sure this is set to AddressBase rather than Postcode only)
  2. Click Advanced Search and view the list of results
  3. Select an address from the list
  4. Click the "Copy UPRN" button

Using Data Extract

Please refer to the Data Extract tutorial. If you use it to export addresses then the results will include UPRNs. This is useful for downloading a batch of UPRNs.

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