Filtering a Map Layer

Filtering a Map Layer


It's possible to filter Map Layers in a number of ways

Filter by Values

To filter a Map Layer based the values stored within Map Objects:

  1. In the Layer Control, find the layer you want to filter and switch it on
  2. Hover over the Tick icon next to the Layer name. This turns into a Cog. Click the Cog.
  3. In the Layer mini-menu, click Filter
  4. From the 'Filter Column' drop-down, choose the column of information stored within that layer that you want to filter on.
  5. In the Operator drop-down, choose from:
    • Equals (will only display objects that exactly match the value entered in the next step)
    • Starts With (will only display objects that start with the value entered in the next step)
    • Ends With(will only display objects that end with the value entered in the next step) 
    • Contains(will only display objects that contain the value entered in the next step) 
  6. In the 'Filter Value' text box, enter the value you require. Note: this may be a drop-down limiting your choice of options

Filter by Selection

To filter a Map Layer by selection:

  1. In the Layer Control, find the layer you want to filter and switch it on
  2. Click on the Map Object you want to filter. This is the same operations as if you were Info Clicking the object to view its attribution.
    • HINT: You can select multiple Map Objects by holding down the CTRL keyboard button whilst clicking on the map. When selecting multiple objects, the attribution won't show on the left-hand side.
  3. In the Info Click panel, click the Filter icon.

Clearing a Filter

To clear a Filter:

  1. Find the layer in the Layer Control
  2. Click the blue Filter icon alongside the tick

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