Feature Copy: Copy objects from layers

Feature Copy: Copy objects from layers


This tool allows you to copy the geometry (whether that's a point, line or polygon) of the feature you've selected and save it in another layer (or duplicate it in the source layer).


To copy the geometry of a feature from one layer to another:

  1. Switch on the source layer (e.g. the one you want to take the geometry from)
  2. Select the feature by clicking it on the map and, if necessary, clarifying which feature you selected on the left-hand panel
  3. Click the "Copy to another Layer" button (this may be hidden in the three blobs menu, or may appear as an icon. Once clicked, this will open up the Feature Editor.
  4. Select the Map Layer you want to copy the feature to
  5. Enter the attributes you need and click Save.

Things to know

  • You can only copy points to point layers, lines to line layers, and areas to area layers.
  • If you select a very complex feature then it may take a few seconds for it to load into the new layer.
  • You are responsible for adhering to the copyright of features that you save into your own layers.

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