Creating Users in Parish Online

Creating Users in Parish Online


Creating user accounts allows your colleagues to log in and view mapping information without giving them your own login details.

There are four privilege levels for users:

Reader Editor Data Manager Administrator
View Map Layers X X X X
Toggle Map Layers on/off X X X X
Info Click (display information about map features) X X X X
Toggle Map Mask X X X X
Use Bookmarks X X X X
Use Coordinate Finder X X X X
View Legend X X X X
Print X X X X
View map features in Table View X X X X
Measure X X X X
Produce Isochrones X X X X
Save Isochrones X X X
Annotate (doodle) on the map X X X X
Export Asset Register X X X X
Create Map Layer (for Parish Layers) X X
Add, edit and delete map features X X X
Address search X X X X
Change User Settings (units) X X X X
Add PSGA and APGB licences X
Add, edit and delete users X
Configure layers X X
Change ordering of layers X X
Create, edit and delete Public Maps X X
Change Billing Details X

Creating a User

To create a new User Account:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the Cog symbol in the top right corner and click on Administration.
  3. Go to the Users section, located in the left toolbar.
  4. Click the + button in the User Details section and enter the details for the user.
  5. Choose their privilege type.
  6. Click Save.

You can then use the "Send Password Reset" button to send the new user an email with a link to set their own password.

NOTE: The emails do not send the user their Username. You must communicate that to them yourself. This gives you the opportunity to tell them about why they're being given access and the licencing and copyright restrictions around using the tool on behalf of your organisation.

Changing a User Type

You can change a user type at any time to give them more or less access rights.


  • It's recommended to keep a consistent naming convention for your users, e.g firstname.lastname

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