'Select a Layer' in Feature Editor: vary the choice depending upon the starting Collection

'Select a Layer' in Feature Editor: vary the choice depending upon the starting Collection

In the Feature Editor, could it be arranged so that the list of layers available in the 'Select a Layer' box is restricted according to the Collection from which one entered the Feature Editor, please?

Suppose one's task for the day is to add items to the Asset Register.  On the spreadsheet that used to be the Asset Register, one has pencilled in to each row the appropriate Asset Register layer for that item.

For example, one might add the Village Hall in the Building layer, save it, and wish to move on to the Building Contents layer - which is the second layer available in the Asset Register collection.  At the moment, if one now clicks on the 'Select a Layer' box at the top of the Feature Editor, one is presented with all the Parish Layers, followed by all the Asset Register layers - so that to get to Building Contents, it might be necessary to scroll through dozens of layers first.  This is a) frustrating to very busy users, and b) perhaps very confusing to new users, who might logically expect to be offered layers only from the Asset Register, since that was how the Feature Editor was entered.  (To users new to Parish Online, they may not appreciate that one may type in the starting letters of the desired layer to jump to it,  they may feel that scrolling is their only option)

Once one has finished entering all one's Asset Register data, and is ready to add features to a Parish Layer, then it would be straightforward to shut down the Feature Editor, and start again from the Parish Layers - and have only Parish Layers available this time in the 'Select a Layer' box.

I would be very interested to hear from those who have entered a lot of data into Parish Online whether this would be a timesaver, or an irrelevance!  I can see that the current arrangement, of all layers being available all the time in the Feature Editor, can equally be appealing!

Thank you