Asset Register Exports

Asset Register Exports

The Knowledge Base entry for "Asset Register Exports" states that future exports - eg in .csv format - may be created, based upon demand. 

I hereby register a request for this asap, please, since much of the point of the Asset Register is to record due diligence and demonstrate good governance - so it would be really helpful to be able to export all of, say, the "Last Inspection Dates" and the "Inspection Frequencies" data across all categories to a spreadsheet, to make for easy calculation of which items need to be inspected in the current month, for example.  At the moment, this has to be done on a layer by layer basis, which is incredibly unhelpful.

Passing such data to the Lengthsman or Maintenance Contractor would be much improved thereby!

Hopefully, this request will spark sufficient others to warrant the work being put in to create such a report. 

Thank you